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Home » Blog » Love Articles » Love At First Sight: A Dreamy Notion

Human beings want to love and to be loved. Some are more eager than others to find their "soul mate," and the sooner the better. Beware and be smart! Do not rush into a relationship due to loneliness, desperation, or a decision based on feelings. How well do you know your beloved? It is easy to overlook obvious data when your heart and mind are clouded by your dreamy ideals. Love is not entirely chemistry; it involves knowledge of the person, and of yourself. You need to know how one reacts to stress and trauma and how one handles changes in life. Are you familiar with the person's history, birth order, temperament, pain, challenges, financial philosophy, etc? Can you really look into someone's eyes and know whether they are able to forgive, whether they respect all human beings and what their world view is, how is was formed and how they practice it? Happy, meaningful lifelong relationships are not usually formed within a few seconds, days or weeks.

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